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Niche Site Project Blog

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"One of my biggest setbacks at the time was not being able to create niche sites with any sort of system.

Doug taught me to let go of my perfectionist ways. We worked together to build a bunch of Amazon affiliate article templates.

The amount of time and energy I spent researching niches and creating custom article templates was wearing me down." 

Rob Atkinson 

Niche Site Entrepreneur

"Before I met Doug, I was putting a lot of time into niche sites, but without seeing the results I wanted to see. 

I was making one site after another, and they all were going nowhere, but I didn’t understand why.

I got to hand it to Doug, because I can honestly say he was the first guy that I talked to about building niche sites where I followed his advice and it actually worked..."

Dave Fox

Niche Site Entrepreneur

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